Musical Theatre Nerd Alert: A New Web Series for People Who Sing Too Much

“Hey, nerds!”  This is the standard greeting for the MFAs at SDSU.  It is also the battle cry for our cheeky web series which is now released in its entirety.

Our professor Rob wrote a component into the second semester of History of Musical Theatre that involved creating and posting some of our findings on the internet.  Basically, the goal was to share the riches of the SDSU Musical Theatre Archive with the world.  So, the MFA’s, being A+ students…went a little A+ on this project.  Not satisfied with some chintzy iPhone video, we created a new series called “MUSICAL THEATRE NERD ALERT.”

Over the course of this past year, our class studied dozens of composers.  Some fell into specific categories:  we studied virtuosos like Gershwin and Hamlisch; we studied musicologists like Yeston and Tesori; and we studied tunesmiths like Berlin and Arlen.  The tunesmiths were a remarkable breed in that they were able to dip into a seemingly bottomless pool of melodies and continually draw forth something fresh.  King among them was Jule Styne.  Serving as your host and guide through the life and music of Jule Styne:  yours truly, Bradley J.

Feel like some more nerdiness?  Check out the whole series.