Let’s work together to make you the performer you want to be.


Bradley J. brings more than a decade of teaching and music directing experience.  Whether you need new songs in your book or need to learn how to belt safely, he will know how to prepare you to be a better musician.  He holds a Bachelor of Music in Music Education from Lawrence Conservatory and a Master of Fine Arts in Musical Theatre from San Diego State University, one of only two such programs in the country.

The Studio offers three distinct types of services:

  • CALLBACK TRACKS:  Digital rehearsal tracks so that you can practice on the subway or on your lunch break
  • TRANSCRIPTION & TRANSPOSITION:  Copyist services produced with Finale music notation software that yield high-quality pdfs for your next audition
  • VOICE LESSONS:  Work with a teacher adept at the many styles of musical theatre, from opera to pop and  everything in between

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