Theory of Relativity Wins Nine Awards at 2021 KCACTF

Since it’s awards season everywhere else, we might as well hop on the bandwagon.  I’m absolutely delighted to share that The Theory of Relativity–originally filmed and digitally presented in October 2020 and revived for the Region VI KCACTF Festival in February 2021–garnered an impressive list of nine (9!) awards at the national level for KCACTF.  Chip Chandler wrote a lovely article for WTAMU, and below is the complete list from KCACTF.  Many, many congratulations to all involved. I’m also quite honored to receive two recognitions for Direction and Musical Direction.

KCACTF National Awards

Special Achievement in Innovative Use of Technology –Theory of Relativity

Special Achievement in Overall Production Design–Theory of Relativity

Special Achievement in Stage Management—Caitlynn Sandoval

Special Achievement in Performance—Abbi Roe

Special Achievement in Performance—Michael Olinger

Special Achievement in Ensemble Collaboration Performance and Production– Theory of Relativity

Special Achievement in Overall Production–Theory of Relativity

Special Achievement in Directing—Bradley J. Behrmann

Special Achievement in Musical Direction—Bradley J. Behrmann